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  Online Raffle Terms and Conditions   

Terms and conditions - updated as of 2/11/2021


  • By purchasing a chance to any of our Online Raffles you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.  These terms and conditions are non-revocable by you and are intended to comply with the Pennsylvania Small Games of Chance provisions and all other applicable governing laws and regulations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  • Tide Wrestling Boosters, Inc. Pa Small Games of Chance License Number - 8470

  • ALL RAFFLE WINNERS WILL BE CONTACTED VIA EMAIL!  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU USE A VALID EMAIL WITH SQUARE!  Contact will be made within 24 hours of drawing taking place.

  • Replays of the Live Drawing will be available on the Pottsville Wrestling Facebook Page at

  • Tide Wrestling Boosters, Inc. will utilize Square to allow the purchasing of chances for our online raffles.  Square is the repository for your purchase and accepts several forms of payment and cash from your purchase is turned over to us, Tide Wrestling Boosters, Inc., from Square, prior to any raffle taking place, therefore meeting all the terms and requirements laid out in 61 PA Code Chapter 901 Local Option Small Games of Chance.  Tide Wrestling Boosters, Inc. does not and cannot directly accept Debit or Credit Cards for small games of chance. 

  • Participants in any of our raffles must be at least 18 years old.  If the raffle contains gift cards for State Stores, Distributors, or "Baskets of Cheer" participants must be at least 21 years old.

  • Raffle numbers are assigned by order tickets were purchased as shown by the Square spreadsheet.  ALL numbers are released prior to the raffle drawing taking place on the Pottsville Wrestling Facebook site and via email to the participants in each raffle.  As per guidance from the Schuylkill County Treasurers' Office, a copy of the actual raffle ticket will also be emailed to the participants prior to the raffle taking place. 

  • Participants MUST live within the defined boundaries of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania when purchasing a ticket for any of our raffles.  Out of State purchases are not allowed by statute and out of State purchases will be refunded at our earliest convenience.   

  • All prizes, unless otherwise noted in the posting for the raffle, are local pick up in Pottsville Pa ONLY, at dates and times chosen by the organization.  Shipping can always be paid by the winner if they so choose.  The prizes marked "Prizes can be shipped for anyone residing more than 30 miles from Pottsville, Pa" in the specific posting , will be shipped at our expense.

  • Prize winners will always be drawn LIVE, and will be drawn in one of the following ways;      

    • 75 chance raffles will be drawn using bingo balls and a raffle drum.  Balls will be placed in the raffle drum in front of those present on the online drawing, mixed using the drum, and a winner will be chosen at random from those balls.

    • 120 and 180 chance raffles will be drawn using our physical number wheel.

    • Raffles may also be drawn with physical raffle ticket stubs and out raffle drum.  A winner will be chosen at random from those tickets.

    • ONLY these passive drawing devices will be used.  NO electronic number picking devices or random number generators will be used.

  • Raffles will be held at 4 S 2nd Street, Suite 306, Pottville Pa, 17901 and broadcast LIVE, online, through the Pottsville Wrestling Facebook Page, located at at a time and date that will be posted with each individual raffle announcement

  • In person attendance to the drawing will be permitted as per statute, but due to the ongoing pandemic, if you choose to attend the drawing in person, instead of viewing the LIVE, online drawing, please be advised that Tide Wrestling Boosters, Inc. will be observing ALL mandated public health precautions, including masking and social distancing and reserves the right to require any other precautions to protect members and the public as needed.  Due to gathering limits, we will also be asking that if you do plan to attend in person, that you contact us via facebook messenger so we can stay within those mandated limits.

  • You agree to receive emails regarding new raffles, raffle ticket numbers, drawings, and other emails from Tide Wrestling Boosters, Inc. directly and through Square.

  • All prizes are NEW condition and most are still sealed in box or original packaging.  Tide Wrestling Boosters, Inc. offers no warranty or guarantee on each prize regarding manufacturer or other defect.

  • ​Terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime and revised terms will be posted.

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