It is the goal of Vertex Wrestling to provide a safe, healthy, positive, fun, and family-friendly environment for wrestlers to train in while also putting an emphasis on their academic achievements. It is our goal to encourage the athletic development and advancement of the students in our club through healthy eating habits, balanced nutrition planning, and age and skill level appropriate physical training while also teaching them to apply the theories, dedication, and commitment required in the sport of wrestling to their every day lives. It is our goal to teach our members to act with integrity, honor, and dedication in all aspects of their lives.

We emphasize "giving back" and we encourage all of our members to be active in their communities and to volunteer as much as possible. We attempt to accomplish our goals at little to no cost to the families of the members.

Vertex Wrestling is open to all wrestlers, regardless of school or team affiliation.  Please see our monthly calendar for practice dates and times. For further information, please contact Corey Keener at 570-573-2771, Gary Keener at 570-573-0432, or Sam Julian at 570-240-0032.